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Sichuan Oil

He was 92. 5% in Inner Mongolia, 40.8% in Henan province, 66.4% in Hebei, 54.9% in Sichuan and 75. 4% in Guizhou. Excessively rapid investment growth, which continued over the next five years, stepped up pressure on energy and raw material resources, as well as on the environment in this regard in some sectors may […]

High-tech Equipment To Produce Quality

It was decided to concentrate on making equipment for the production of various types of building blocks – breeze blocks, foam blocks and their modifications. Today the factory is developing in two directions: vibropress and installation for the production of foam concrete, being the design and technological work on creation of a new Russian-made equipment […]

Why People Look For Work Safety In Employment ?

As we all know 90% of the population in the world are looking for safety in the work for them, safe operation is the most important part of their lives. But why this happens? The reason for this, it seems to me foolhardy idea lies in the fact that we all from a tender age, […]

Find Jobs

It also happens that a man and did not know where to call, but wondered what kind of job he can offer. You must clearly understand what you want to strive for. Well, if you have an idea of its labor market, wages, adequate assessment of their capabilities in this system. Also, it makes no […]